Vnos v helikopter
Sar OS
Oskrba ponesrečenca, foto: Vili Vogelnik
Prevoz ponesrečenca, foto: Klemen Gričar

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IKAR-CISA 2013, Hrvaška

Rick Lorenzo: We hope you have seen the IKAR-CISA 2013 Highlights Video from our meeting in Croatia between 15 and 19 October. The video has a number of new features plus an improved web site format. Please go to the following link to access all our videos, including the IKAR Highlights Videos back to 2007.
You can watch the full 2013 video (56 minutes) or choose from three individual parts: Part 1: Terrestrial Rescue (20 min.) Part 2: Medical Commission and Avalanche Rescue (18 min.) and Part 3: Air Rescue and Conclusion (18 min.). In addition to the summaries from the Presidents of the Commissions you can watch demonstrations of the latest mountain rescue techniques and equipment, as well as recent developments in mountain medicine.

Be sure to watch the final credits and conclusion, this provides an opportunity to thank our Croatian hosts and commercial sponsors, and includes some spectacular footage of a Croatian rescue diver and the MI 8 Helicopter captured simultaneously with three cameras from above and below. Please send out the link as widely as possible on web sites and social media so everyone can see what was accomplished at IKAR 2013.

Sincerely: Rick Lorenz, Topograph Media (Tacoma, Washington USA)


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